With Stamford’s diverse demographic, excellent internship program, and high quality of ิbusiness education, you will be
gaining valuable experience and wisdom, to thrive in the ever-growing global market.

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Stamford International University

About stamford

Stamford International University (STIU) is the place where people from over 100 nationalities learn and develop the future, together. As its name implies, STIU offers a proper international program, which houses students coming in from all around the world.
An institution where 40% of its alumni is made of international students, the majority of STIU members come from countries such as the US, UK, France, Germany, China and many more, making it one of the most diverse and experienced colleges in Thailand.
As a reflection of its demographic, Stamford’s education truly prepares you to conquer the challenges inside an unpredictable world: In addition to its international-standard education, Stamford is the first university in Thailand to receive the International Accreditation from the Council for Business Education (IACBE), due to its Business and Management Programs, which are offered through the Faculty of Business and Technology




To be the lead source for real global education in Thailand, focusing
so on innovative and interactive learning, as well as contributing
to superior employability chances for its graduates.


Stamford works with the core principles of Innovative Learning, Industry Linkages, International Perspective, and Integrity.
We embed the 4I’s in all we do to provide greater outcomes for our graduates, so they can be ready to excel in their careers and their lives as well, all with a deep commitment to local & global citizenship.

Stamford International University

Why choose Stamford

With Stamford’s multicultural background, LEC internship program, and deep focus on Business education, you will sharpen your skills while gaining perspective & awareness, so you can rise and prosper in the global market.

Stamford International University

Worldwide Community

40% of Stamford’s students come from
overseas, representing
more than 100 different countries.

Stamford International University

Borderless Perspectives

The majority of our faculty is international,
as they’re professors
which come from all over the world.

Stamford International University

Partnership with international universities

Our connection with various universities
allows us to offer a much wider range
of quality programs.

Stamford International University

480-hour Internship Program

Gain valuable on-field experience,
and prepare
for the professional world.

Stamford International University

Study Abroad Opportunities

All through STIU’s dual degree options or
the Student Exchange Program.

Stamford International University

IACBE Accreditation

Stamford is the first university in Thailand
to receive the US-based IACBE
for its Business & Management


Stamford International University
Stamford International University
Stamford International University

What students say


Named after Sir Stamford Raffles (1781 – 1826), Stamford International University opened its first campus in Thailand by 1995, near Palm Hills Golf Resort (Hua Hin). While the institution began with an English-based syllabus, various parallel courses in Thai language were introduced along the way. Then, to meet the growing demand for international education in Thailand and the ASEAN region overall, Stamford established a Bangkok campus in Rama 9, right in 2009. Upon its following success, the university created a learning center in 2015, located downtown in Asoke.

Stamford International University

About student life in Bangkok