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Stamford is the first institution in Thailand to be certified by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) for its Business & Management programs, which are offered through the Faculty of Business and Technology.

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Become a part of AN international community

Stamford International University follows the American curriculum
for colleges and grades its students with an international credit system,
offering so Bachelor degrees in programs such as: Business and Management,
Communication Arts and Design,
Hospitality Management and Information Technology.

Stamford is devoted to promote cultural understanding between classmates, and academic excellence as well.
Therefore, our programs encourage critical and creative thinking while using a variety of pedagogical
methodologies in the classrooms, to ensure the classes are truly student-centered and focused on practical outcomes.

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If you are interested in the world of aviation and the processes that keep the industry running smoothly, this is the right course for you. At Stamford University, we provide our students with a major that covers everything necessary to work and excel in the industry of aviation.

This major will prepare you for the three main components of the aviation industry; service, technology and ground management. Throughout this course, you will meet experts that have had years of experience in the field of aviation, as well as the renowned companies that have been leaders in the industry.

This course will also provide you with an internship in major domestic and international airline companies that will allow you to experience first hand what working in this industry entails. This internship will allow you to prepare yourself for a future career in the aviation industry, as well as understand the necessary skills and components to succeed in the field. Within this internship, you will be working with industry professionals that will guide you through this process and get you ready for real life experiences in all areas of aviation.

With the MOU between Stamford and the Light Aircraft Association Leasure Flying Club (LAAF), Stamford University is the first university in Thailand that allows students to obtain their Ultra-Light Pilot Licence (UPL) after passing the test at an additional cost. This will allow students a large advantage to study for a commercial pilot license in the future. This licence (UPL) is recognised by the Department of Civil Aviation in Thailand.

Career Opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Flight Attendant
  • Airline Administrative
  • Support Operations Agent
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Passenger Service Agent
  • Airline Flight Instructor
  • Airline Manager


  • Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Credits: 160
  • Program Duration: 3.5 years
  • Intakes: March, July, November

The world has no boundaries for an International Business Management (IBM) student. Where others see global issues, you will see global potential and you will learn how to take advantage of it as an IBM graduate.

Students will interact with professional lecturers in the IBM program who have successfully managed multinational enterprises in a variety of countries throughout the world. By participating in real-world initiatives in collaboration with established companies, students will gain solid business knowledge and how to apply it.

You will learn and develop skills in:

  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Creating Innovative Business Opportunities
  • Delivering Confident Business Presentations

You will be able to:

  • Start your own business
  • Manage an international workforce
  • Launch new products in new markets and countries
  • Help expand a multinational company
  • Initiate or grow a social enterprise
  • Grow your family business
  • Create sustainable business models

Career Opportunities
Graduates of IBM will be job-ready and able to work in a wide range of business jobs around the world. There are numerous career options available, including:

  • International Management Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • International Sales Manager
  • Import/Export Manager
  • International Business Developer
  • Global Product Manager
  • International Management Consultant

Degree Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English, Bilingual
Intakes: March, July, November

To properly prepare students for a career in the hospitality industry, Stamford’s International Hotel Management program blends academic theory with hands-on learning, modern facilities, and on-the-job training. Students will be guided by experienced and international staff as they study a variety of key skills in preparation for internships at well-known worldwide hotels.

In 2017, more than 100 Stamford students participated in internships in 30 different five-star and boutique hotels across the world, including the Maldives, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and Thailand. Students participate in two internships, one in the Food & Beverage division and the other in the Rooms Division of a hotel.
The teaching kitchen and restaurant operations in Stamford are state-of-the-art. The Rooms Division component of the program also includes a mock hotel front desk and a mock hotel room.

You will gain knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Leadership and the formation of a team
  • Problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Social skills for the hospitality industry
  • Intercultural relationships
  • Catering management and operation
  • Front-desk operations
  • Restaurant management and operations
  • Beverage and wine expertise
  • Dietary preferences requiring basic food nutrition

You’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the significance of guest satisfaction
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Effectively multitask
  • Take the lead
  • Work under pressure
  • Adapt and manage to a variety of situations
  • Recognize the guest expectations of the hotel industry
  • Recognize the millennial visitors
  • Familiarize with the demands of the work
  • Recognize how hotel activities are synchronized

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 184
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

Become a successful marketer in any enterprise! Students that study in the marketing program at Stamford are given the opportunity to master different marketing strategies, data interpretation, and marketing communication planning. Upon graduating from this course, you will be prepared to work in the demanding and fulfilling industry that is marketing.

In this course, you will learn and develop the necessary skills, such as:

  • Interpersonal Communication and Effective Communication Skills
  • Creative and Critical Thinking
  • Data Gathering and Analyzing
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing Strategy Planning
  • Team Building Skills
  • Global Marketing Strategies
  • Analysis of Market Trends
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing Planning

Job Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  •  Brand Management
  •  Market & Business Development
  •  Marketing / Branding Consultancy
  •  Sales and Marketing
  •  Market Research Analysis
  •  Public Relations

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

The BBA Entrepreneurship program at Stamford is meant to prepare prospective entrepreneurs by providing them with the skills and information they need to thrive in business. The program follows one entrepreneur’s path from inventing ideas to planning, analyzing, and launching a business.

This program is suitable for those who want to start a business, those who will inherit a family business and want to make it a success; ones who want to become an effective entrepreneur of a large organization, and those who want to learn how to become a competent owner in today’s business world, among other things.

This program is made possible by our one-of-a-kind business incubator, which helps students develop their entrepreneurial skills by providing relevant tools, mentoring, and coaching, as well as built-in worldwide entrepreneurial networking relationships.

Students will be working on ground-breaking projects alongside other forward-thinking employees at start-up organizations, which is a wonderful approach to bridge the gap between what you believe you need to know and what you actually need to succeed in small, dynamic businesses.

You will demonstrate your entrepreneurial efficacy by pitching your own venture to potential investors, securing possible initial funding, and eventually executing your business venture with the help of professional and competent mentors and coaches, with the use of Stamford’s embedded international network connections and unique business incubator.

Career Opportunities:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Investment Analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Development Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Strategic Business Executive
  • Product and Brand Manager

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

This program focuses on three vital areas of financial decision-making: Investments, financial institutions, and corporate finance. With the Finance and Banking major, students are able to obtain the necessary knowledge and useful skills that are required to successfully work in the finance industry. From being able to analyze the market, to solve problems that are encountered in the field.

Students studying in this major will be given the opportunity to visit and experience multinational corporations and enterprises, such as Bualuang Securities, The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Maybank Kim Eng, and many more. These site visits will assist students in developing an understanding of the industry and the requirements to work within it. Experiencing the environment in the finance industry through these site visits will allow students to gather the required principles that they would apply in everyday work, as well as give them the opportunity to make respectable connections in the industry. Students in this major will participate in an internship, which will give them an advantage, as they will receive first-hand experience in the industry. Stamford students have successfully completed internships at large corporations such as Broadgate securities, DutchMill, A. Stotz, and many more.

What you will learn from:

  • Financial and Market Analysis
  • Smart Investment
  • Trading Skills
  • Commercial Banking and Portfolio Management

Job opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Stockbroker
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Equities Trader
  • Underwriter
  • Risk Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Securities Analyst

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

Businesses are expanding worldwide and becoming more coordinated. Students in Stamford’s Logistics & Supply Chain Management program will study every aspect of the business and become experts in establishing effective management and promoting a favorable image for the companies.

Internships provide students with valuable experience. Thai Cargo, KMTC (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Lotte, Damco International, Tips Co.Ltd., Chiangmai Airport Customs, PTT Public Company Limited, FedEx Express, Yusen Logistics, and SCG Group have all completed internships successfully.

Why study Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Stamford University?

Thailand is the logistical hub of Southeast Asia. Students will learn from industry professionals firsthand and get insight into the company’s requirements and goals.
Learn about all elements of material flow and storage, including work-in-process inventories and finished commodities, from point of origin to point of consumption.
Students will be exposed to new experiences through industrial partnerships with professional groups, including site visits and guest lecturers.
In 2016, 100% of Stamford Logistics and Supply Chain Management graduates were employed, and they were paid more than the market average*.

You will gain knowledge and abilities in the following areas:

  • International Documentation Regulation for Import and Export
  • Warehousing Layout and Inventory Control
  • Layout and Inventory Control
  • International Trade Term Management of Air, Sea, and Land Freight
  • Transport Retail and Distribution Logistics

You’ll be able to:

  • Design, construct and run logistics and supply chain systems.
  • Improve quality, affordability, and customer service
  • Start your own logistic company.
  • Do third-party logistics management
  • Possess a set of logistics and supply chain management skills.

The event management industry is one that is full of exciting experiences. If you are interested in working with people, creating experiences, and utilizing your creativity, this is the major for you. The Event Management Major at Stamford is co-developed with Kendall College at National Louis University in Chicago, USA, as well as the IMPACT Exhibition Management Company, the largest event venue in Southeast Asia and the top location for conferences, concerts, and exhibitions in the region. These collaborations allow students to experience the world of MICE and to maximize their study experience by participating in real event management scenarios.

In addition to the myriad of expertise, students will obtain studying in the classroom, students are also guaranteed an internship at IMPACT. By experiencing studying in both the classroom and the professional environment, students will gain the required knowledge, interpersonal skills, and connections necessary to succeed in this industry.

What you will learn:

  • Venue Management
  • Utilization of MICE
  • Event Management
  • Critical and Creative thinking

You will be able to:

  • Organize Large Scale Events
  • Cater Large Scale Events
  • Plan Weddings and Functions
  • Plan Multinational Incentive Trips
  • Organize Major Sporting Events

Job opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Event Manager
  • Venue Manager
  • MICE Manager
  • PR and Sales
  • Event Consultant

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

As our world grows into a linked space, the study of international relations is becoming extremely important.

The International Relations program was built to investigate and evaluate a global environment dominated by sovereign nations pursuing, promoting, and protecting their own national interests. Its scope has broadened during the 1990s, and it now covers the nature of evolving ties and linkages between states and non-state entities. More crucially, it seeks to explain the mechanics of the international system – the forces, factors, and interests, as well as the practices, laws, norms, institutions, and organizations that both define and affect our lives today.

This International Relations focus is a Business Administration program that enhances students’ ability in the areas of political awareness and economic knowledge.

Highlight features include:

  • The focus of the case study is on ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific area.
  • Conceptualization, Linkage, Analysis, and Prescription / Prediction are all helpful approaches to learn about for future jobs.
  • Applied International Relations with a focus on the job market

You’ll be able to:

  • Demonstrate a working understanding of international relations and the ability to use it in real-world environments.
  • Acquire and improve your research abilities.
  • Analyze and identify global trends while critically analyzing international events and challenges.
  • Demonstrate that you can communicate effectively in both writing and spoken form.
  • Develop cultural competency, international collaboration and problem-solving skills, and global citizenship skills.
  • Learn how to apply conceptual tools effectively, whether in public policy or in business.

Job Opportunities

Government, journalism, law, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, international business (risk analysis, consultancy), and academics are all possible career paths.
International Relations provides students with several transferrable abilities,
such as:

  • The ability to extensively investigate, source, and study material
  • The ability to critically assess evidence and create logical arguments
  • Strong writing and speaking skills
  • Strong intellectual and creative ability
  • Teamwork in multicultural settings
  • Solid grasp and respect of global politics

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

With the Bachelor of Accountancy program at Stamford, students are able to obtain the required knowledge to excel in the industry of Accounting. With this major, students are able to build the necessary analytical and practical skills through the 5 main areas of Accounting. This includes Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Audit, Taxation, and Accounting Information systems.

The faculty members are dedicated to ensuring quality education and providing students with the necessary tools to succeed in the industry. This major is certified by the Federation of Accounting Professions in Thailand.

This major is in collaboration with international accountancy enterprises such as ACCA, CIMA, varying government organizations, and consulting and accounting firms. Students will undertake industry projects with industry giants like BFS, SAP, and more. These connections provide students with real-world experience and allow them to have a deeper understanding of the industry.
The program also provides students with the opportunity to sit in lectures given by industry experts. These experts will discuss topics related to the field of finance and accounting, as well as the overall business.

Job opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial Accountant
  • Managerial Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Business and Treasury Analyst
  • Trader

Degree: Bachelor of Accountancy
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

IT students at Stamford will study with the assistance of instructors and learn how to operate in a multicultural setting. Students will get the chance to learn from industry experts such as the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle. IT graduates will be job-ready and well-prepared for a career in the IT business on a global scale.

Certificates of Expertise:
Data Science, Software Engineering, and Network and Security E-Commerce

Job Opportunities

There are several technology-related occupations available, including mobile and online application development.

  • Software Engineer/Network Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • E-Commerce Specialist
  • Tech Entrepreneur
  • Business Intelligence Specialist
  • Data Analyst Mobile and Web Developer

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

When studying Creative Media Production and Entertainment as a degree major, students will have several opportunities to develop new things, learn about technologies, and engage in difficult experiences in the entertainment industry. Students will study and practice how to produce unique, engaging, and, of course, dynamic material using a variety of media tools. Students will also get the chance to work in a real-world setting, participate in project-based learning, and gain a thorough understanding of program design on par with professionals.

Students will get experience in hands-on activities and project industry-based learnings during their university studies. Since Stamford is closely connected to the business, the students will be able to obtain numerous real-life experiences through meeting and working with experts, which will allow them to create a network of relationships within the sector. Above all, this degree major in creative media production and entertainment is surrounded by well-informed and experienced professors who can discuss, provide, and advise students in their preparation for a bright future in lucrative and attractive jobs.

With the option to select between two specialist subjects, you can tailor your courses and academic experience.

Visual Storytelling — for individuals who want to create, edit, and shoot character-driven stories in order to communicate the art of storytelling.

Media Content Development – For people with strong ideas and a passion to create material for cinema, television, digital radio, news, and journalism.

You will gain knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Writing
  • Reporting
  • Delivering
  • Creating and Editing Graphics
  • Developing a Storyline
  • Pitching a Story
  • Performing
  • Designing

Job Opportunities

  • Creative producer
  • Content developer
  • YouTuber/Vlogger
  • Photographer
  • Editor for the arts and entertainment
  • Broadcasters
  • Producer and director of photography
  • Digital Media Planner

Degree: Bachelor of Communication Arts
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

This major will advance students to a level that is required to work and succeed in the industry of Advertising and Digital Marketing. Through utilizing a wide range of digital platforms, students will obtain the knowledge that is required to understand global trends, consumer behavior and to create revolutionary advertising campaigns. Stamford’s strong connection to the industry giants allows students to get the opportunity to work in real-life environments with practical activities, such as lessons on the art of negotiation and persuasion and the ability to collaborate with others to create masterpieces. Activities such as these will provide students with the correct mindset to excel in an industry, that is heavily driven by creativity and teamwork. The faculty is dedicated to providing students with the required elements to give them an edge in their advertising careers.
Students will have full access to studios and editing rooms, created to provide the most effective learning experience, through practical learning. With the facilities provided, as well as the knowledgeable faculty, students are guaranteed to meet the needs of future employers and companies.

What you will learn:

  • Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
  • Editing, Writing, and Producing Content
  • Developing Campaigns and Advertisements
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Digital Marketing Analysis

Job Opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Content Creator
  • Brand Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Trend Analyst
  • Copywriter and Editor
  • Advertising Agent

Degree: Bachelor of Communication Arts
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

Drawing, typography, package design, advertising design, photography, web development, motion design, video production, interactive design, and 3D design are all skills that students in Creative Media Design (CMD) will acquire and improve. CMD graduates will have the skills and knowledge to advertise and communicate in a variety of media, including the in-demand industry of digital media.

International Experience Learning
Students at Stamford have the chance to share international ideas and learn how to collaborate with friends around the world and instructors, preparing them to be global graduates fit for the global job market.

Experience in the Real World
Students will obtain practical experience by working on corporate projects with companies both inside and outside of Thailand. Students will get realistic pre-press experience, be able to fulfill real-time deadlines and be completely prepared for future challenges.

You will gain knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • Drawing / Typography
  • Web Development
  • Motion Design
  • Video Production
  • Identity Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Publication Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Photography
  • Web Development
  • 3D Modeling

You can master creating:

  • Fonts and Illustrating Characters
  • Logos / Packaging/Magazines
  • Print and TV commercials
  • Websites
  • Digital Photography
  • Music Videos
  • Films of a Short Duration

Job Opportunities

CMD grads can work at some of the world’s most prestigious animation companies. The following occupations are available:

  • Designing advertisements, packaging, and logos
  • Web Design, Graphic Design
  • Illustration, Typography, and Brand Identity Design
  • Production Houses, Photography, Television, Short Films
  • VFX (visual effects) Art
  • Effect Design
  • Animation
  • Game Design
  • 3D Modeling

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

English is the international business language. Strong English language skills will open doors to limitless chances and career opportunities in both local and foreign settings.

Practical and Modern Arts Program
By studying Applied Global Communication, you will get expertise with the various uses of English in today’s changing world. Examine conventional parts of a BA in English, such as literature, poetry, and drama, as well as innovative uses of the English language in worldwide fields.

Graduates with a BA in English will have outstanding English communication abilities, qualifying them for a wide range of occupations that need extensive writing, reading, and public speaking.

The following are examples of abilities:

  • Effectively communicate ideas and points of view
  • Encouraging constructive dialogues
  • Implementing analysis and critical thinking
  • Interpreting many types of texts
  • Reason and assess opposing viewpoints
  • Organizing and completing systematic research and writing tasks
  • Using creativity and persuasion to present information
  • Utilizing the most cutting-edge information and communication technologies
  • In multicultural situations, working alone and in teams, respecting difference and applying cultural difference awareness

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Credits: 160
Program Duration: 3.5 years
Location: Rama 9, Hua Hin, Dual Campus
Language: English,
Intakes: March, July, November

Stamford - Bachelor Degrees


40% of the students are foreign,
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Stamford - Bachelor Degrees


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which come from all over the world.
Stamford - Bachelor Degrees

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Stamford - Bachelor Degrees

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Dual Degree Options

With a dual degree option, students can opt to study abroad at our partner universities and receive two degrees on graduation..

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International Business

Kendall College at National Louis University, USA

International Business

Kendall College at National Louis University, USA


Lubin School of Business at Pace University, USA


EU Business School, Spain and Switzerland

Airline Business

Vaughn College, USA

Finance & Banking |
Accounting | Logistics and
Supply Chain Management

University of Northampton, UK

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University of the West of  England, UK

Advertising & Public

Richmond, The American International University in London, UK

International Hotel
Management | Information

Middlesex University London, UK

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