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Affordable Places for Students

Affordable Places for Students

No matter how serious you are about studying in Thailand, you still have to rest. This amazing country offers a huge number of places for leisure and travel. It is difficult to describe with words how the beauty of Thailand’s nature. The whole country is divided into four zones, If you want to get closer to the high altitude – there are the foothills of the Himalayas, if you want to plunge into the traditional life of indigenous Thais – go to the north-eastern region. The South is certainly a tropical paradise for tourists, and the central regions are where the economic powers of the state are located.

In the wilderness.

The northern areas of Thailand are worth a visit if you are a lover of pristine, untouched nature. There you can meet tribes in the primeval order. Wild elephants roam there and very few roads untouched by civilization. In general, the area is very interesting, although specific. Of particular note is the area called Isan, located in the north-east of Thailand. The locals are very friendly and hospitable, although even the Thai language is not always understood, because the pronunciation varies between the provinces.If you have always dreamed of tasting dishes from something crawling, in other words insects, then here you will be pampered with such delights in a special assortment. There are many temples and other historical and cultural monuments

If you head south of Chumphon, you’ll find yourself in a holiday paradise. The caressing waters of the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Siam await you. And if you dare to go deep into the jungle, you can enjoy the beauty of real masterpieces of nature. We’re talking about waterfalls that amaze you with their pristine beauty. In addition, the jungle hides ancient cities and individual buildings. Buddhists and Muslims live peacefully in this area, as well as representatives of other religions.

Also, the south of Thailand has numerous islands with luxurious beaches, developed tourist infrastructure and wonderful nature. For example, you can go on a sightseeing tour of the Andaman Sea islands. The real gem of these islands is Phi Phi Don Island, which is also called the Thai Ibiza. Here you will definitely find out that some famous film was shot here, such as the island of Ko-Tapu, where the shooting of the film ” The Man with the Golden Gun” took place. This trip is definitely not going to be boring.

In general, new places, impressions and adventures will definitely be enough for you during the whole educational period. The only thing to remember is that many places and routes can be quite dangerous for health and even life. So don’t give up on experienced companions if you are planning to travel far from civilized places and of course, do not neglect the techniques and safety equipment, both on water and land.

And yes, even in Bangkok there are many interesting and fun holiday options, especially for young people. The main thing here is not to forget why you came here in the first place.

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