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How to Prepare Yourself to Study Abroad

How to Prepare Yourself to Study Abroad

For many modern and active people using all the possibilities of the world information network, studying abroad, etc. is similar to the first interstellar expedition, especially in such an exotic country as Thailand. This material will help the future student of one of the universities of Thailand to prepare for learning in this interesting, and most importantly – perspective country.

So, you have chosen an educational institution in which you would like to study, you are confident in your financial position. But what’s next? Even if you speak Thai, it’s not enough without fluency knowledge of the language of Shakespeare. The fact is that education is international, especially the student community in the universities of this country. Therefore, the language of international communication is in demand everywhere. So, the sooner you start learning English, the easier it will be for you both in the study and everyday life. Conversational practice and real-time perception of spoken language are especially important.

What about specialized terminology for a particular course? Many universities in Thailand practice training English courses and our suggestion is not refuse them, even if you are confident in your English at 110%. At these courses, you will at least get the opportunity to assess your linguistic willingness before studying hard.


In principle, living in Thailand you are not required to do any special vaccinations, preparatory procedures or anything like that. However, you should understand that you are going to another climate zone with different conditions of the external environment, different cuisine and so on. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate all obvious and hidden health problems. Take an in-depth medical examination, to eliminate maybe an existing health problem.

Thai cuisine is quite peculiar which is consisted of different varieties of spicy exotic dishes. Despite this, Bangkok provides a huge selection of places with all possible variations of dishes from different cuisines, so you will always find what you like.

The general body strengthening and the immune system should not be an exceptional. The first months in Thailand are a very powerful stress for your body.

On psychology

First of all, studying abroad is a high level of self-reliance, education and health. Eating some semi-finished foods or fast food will not improve your health at home, in Thailand, or anywhere else. Your mom who long and persistently wake you up in the morning, won’t be there with you. Therefore, it is better to start self-discipline in advance. And a variety of entertainment and temptations in this country just a lot.

About everything else

If you do not use the services which guide applicants to Universities of Thailand, for example, DreamStudy – then, of course, you need to clearly and repeatedly check the list of necessary documents for admission. Agree, it would be inconvenient to fly to Bangkok and return for the lack of one or more papers. Find the accommodation and the availability of airport transfers. If you use the service of the companies which are engaged in admission and educational institutions in Thailand, most of the legal and domestic issues will either be decided by competent employees, or they will be much easier to solve.

Audit your wardrobe to select and buy clothes suitable for the Thai climate. It would be very informative and useful to learn from the experiences of other young men and women who were studying in Thailand or had already been educated.

At first, it is much easier to adapt with a friend, girlfriend or just a familiar person. It is not in vain that various community groups and similar micro-communities are formed in various educational institutions around the world.

These are the main points in preparation for studying in Thailand. Anyway, there can’t be anything overcapacity complicated in studying abroad and in Thailand, in particular. Almost all the graduates of Bangkok’s educational institutions with whom we had a chance to communicate very warmly and kindly spoke about the time spent at university.

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