Fact-Checking Policy - Dreamstudy

Fact-Checking Policy

Dreamstudy.cc takes great care to verify facts and all information stated on the site so as not to mislead readers.

The fact-checking process includes:

  • Regularly updating data in articles – information about new programs, changes in requirements, are updated as quickly as possible.
  • Repeated fact-checking of each article, the information is checked against what is presented on the websites and blogs of the platforms in question.
  • Unreliable sources are not used. Contradictory information is not allowed.
  • Providing information in as readable and understandable a form as possible so that the reader does not have difficulty or ambiguity in the process of its perception.
  • Regular checks of the published content for relevance and compliance with reality.

Information on the website is presented in various formats, both in text and in comparative tables. We make sure that the data is up to date in both cases.

The editorial staff compiles strictly independent content according to editorial policy, reporting facts objectively, thoroughly researching all products and services described, and conducting their own testing whenever possible. Although authors may have their own opinions, Dreamstudy.cc tries not to single out one product over another: all universities and programs have their own unique characteristics, and we strive to provide you with objective information based on facts and avoid spreading rumors and speculations.

While we make every effort to provide accurate information, we strongly recommend that you carefully review the information provided on the official web resources of universities and programs before beginning your cooperation. This will help you make an informed decision.