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Professional Opportunities After Graduation

Professional Opportunities After Graduation

Anyone who decides to enroll in an educational institution abroad, one way or another, expects good perspectives for employment after graduation. Even though the diploma itself is not yet a sufficient guarantee of a good job and an escalating career, it increases your chances to get hired and get to be interviewed in the first place. Here, we will look at the opportunities and some details of employment after graduation from a Thai higher education institution.

Peculiarities of employment in Thailand

Although Thailand was developing very rapidly, which meant that there was a high demand for different skills, the Government was taking a number of measures to protect its citizens from unemployment. In particular, there is a list of occupations that are prohibited in Thailand for foreigners. This list includes mainly labor intensive occupations. Here are a few of the occupations that are prohibited for foreigners in Thailand:

  • Construction professions, builder
  • Cashier at a store.
  • An accountant, a financier
  • Driver
  • Stylist
  • Cosmetologist
  • Jeweller – Factory worker
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Broker
  • Engineer
  • Tour Guide
  • Attorney- at the court
  • Lawyer ( not including consultants)

Yet there are ways to circumvent such prohibitions, for example, employment or when an international company enters the Thai market. Perhaps the most common employment option for foreigners in Thailand is freelancing.

In almost every university in Thailand, mastering a specialty is broken down into different courses and in order to consolidate the knowledge gained during the passage of a particular course, internships are practiced in various companies and organizations. The university, as a rule, provides a list of firms and organizations in which you are able to take an internship. All this is to say that taking such internships – it’s a great chance to interest the employer and even before graduation to secure a job in the field of your competencies.

Thailand in an economic crossroads

The ever-growing prestige of Thai education as a whole and the level of individual educational institutions make the country a solid supplier of qualified personnel for at least the entire Asian region. Consequently, it is possible to find employment opportunities without focusing on Thailand. You can find a job in any other country.

For example, an online platform – jobnexus offer a service to send your resume to more than 60 leading recruitment agencies in the region. Thanks to this service thousands of young specialists are successfully employed and not only in Thailand.

Another interesting resource: Internations. They provide access to various international events organized by expats living in Thailand, there you can increase your communication skills and grow your network significantly.

In general, when considering studying in Thailand, you should not only focus on employment only in Thailand, yet in other countries as well.

Employment Overseas

Third option for foreign graduates of Thai universities is employment in their home country. A prestigious diploma and high level of knowledge, as well as fluent knowledge of the language and international communication, allows you to count on a good job in your country, this statement is very much relevant for the countries of the former USSR. The experience of graduates of recent years proves this statement. However, in order to find a good job, no matter where you are you have to do a great deal of preparation taking the maximum of what your institution can provide.

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