Doctoral Degree

Study and practice in interactive, frequently workshop-based learning activities, through the
blending of classroom and online learning with Blackboard.

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STAMFORD Doctoral Degree

Doctoral Degree

Stamford’s doctoral programs are specifically designed to fit with
the busy lifestyle of executives and professionals, by providing
the necessary tools to contribute into production and dissemination
of the applied science, in the areas of education management
and business administration. Contrary to Ph.D. programs,
Stamford doctor programs are professional doctoral degrees,
intended for experienced professionals who are leaders, or aspire
to be leaders, in education-related institutions and services. We
aim to develop participants’ capacity for inquiry and evidence-led
decision-making, as well as fostering their ability to translate
research findings into usable knowledge.

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STAMFORD Doctoral Degree

Doctor of Business Administration

The 3-year DBA degree is an international program, which uses
international perspectives for candidates who are eager to engage
in rigorous business research, with practical and social impacts.

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STAMFORD Doctoral Degree

Doctor of Education Program in Educational

The 3-year Doctor of Education Program is designed to enhance
the capabilities of educational practitioners, so they can shape
and transmit the best education techniques towards others.

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STAMFORD Doctoral Degree

Flexible Study Options

Design your own study plan with research-based,
coursework and dissertation hybrid options.
You will also be able to choose between full-time
and part-time programs.

STAMFORD Doctoral Degree

Experienced International Lecturers

Learn from expert faculty members, from places such
as America, Thailand and China. Gain a global perspective,
and an understanding of international business that’s
suited to an increasingly interconnected world.

STAMFORD Doctoral Degree

Interactive Learning

Study and practice in interactive, frequent
workshop-based learning activities, through the
blending of classroom and online learning with

STAMFORD Doctoral Degree

Industry Linkage

Develop an accurate business insight with
partnered companies, through guest speakers
from the industry, visits to companies,
field trips, and real business projects.

About student life in Bangkok

To take your career into the next level, it’s essential to acquire an international vision. Experience an innovative and interactive classroom,
with international faculty members, at Stamford International University.

STAMFORD Doctoral Degree