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Hospitality Management

AIHM, established through a collaboration between Minor Hotels, a rapidly expanding hospitality company, and Les Roches, a renowned global leader in hospitality education, offers a distinctive blend of Swiss education and a global perspective.The AIHM approach offers an immersive, dynamic, and globally-oriented education. AIHM brings Swiss-quality education to South East Asia, placing a strong emphasis on experiential learning.

I liked the way all classes were structured, that we had the group task as well as individual, so every student could improve his/her skill as a team member and foster self-discipline for personal tasks. Big thanks to all lecturers who were very supportive of us during the whole semester!


For me, the main advantage of studying at AIHM were the lecturers. They are truly passionate about their disciplines and sincerely ready to help every student. Classes are conducted in small groups, so sufficient attention is paid to all students.


I like all the teachers because they always support and encourage me – when I have a problem, they are always there to help. I like my classmates as they always help each other and explain things that I don’t understand. Honestly, on the first day of the semester, I put a lot of pressure on and challenged myself because this was my first time learning in English only, without Thai. In the beginning, it took time to adjust, but as I continued to study, I felt that I began to adapt to this learning system and felt very fond of what I learned because it was to develop myself to be more efficient. I thought at the beginning the assignments were very difficult, but because of the teachers and friends helping me, it made the tasks seem easier whilst still challenging.


There were many moments in those five months that I enjoyed. My favourite, most memorable, and the thing that I was impressed with the most in the classes would be the lecturers. All of the lecturers are very inspiring, motivated, and passionate about the subjects they teach, which truly encourages me to try harder in the upcoming semester. Another thing I enjoyed about the first semester was that all of the classmates were very friendly and helpful. They always helped me and inspired me to work harder in and out of class.


1.What makes AIHM different from other hospitality schools?
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AIHM distinguishes itself from other hospitality schools through its unique partnership with Minor Hotels and academic association with Les Roches. This collaboration provides students with a curriculum that integrates Swiss hospitality standards, practical industry experience, and access to a robust global network, setting them up for a successful career in hospitality and business. Also AIHM is located inside Avani+ Riverside Hotel with Anantara Riverside Bangkok just next to it, allowing students to get real-life experience with hotel guests and executives, right from the start.
What types of programs does AIHM offer?
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AIHM provides a Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Hospitality Management (3,5 years program, including 2 global internships), CIHA (Certificate in International Hotel Administration - 1 year of study followed by 6 months internship) and a 16-week Intensive EBAS (English for Business & Academic Studies) Programme, with plans for further programs to be introduced.
Are there internship opportunities available through AIHM?
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AIHM provides structured internship programs with leading global hotel brands during the second and fifth semesters, allowing students to gain practical, real-world experience.
What are the career prospects for AIHM graduates?
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AIHMs BBA graduates have 1 year of working experience upon graduation and preferred employment status with Minor Hotels (550+ hotels worldwide) and benefit from the institution's extensive global network and reputation, enhancing career opportunities in the industry.
Does AIHM offer international student exchange programs?
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AIHM students can continue their senior year at one of Les Roches campuses in Switzerland or Spain. Stay tuned for other exchange opportunities
How to apply for AIHM?
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Domestic applicants can expect processing within one to two weeks, while international applicants may take around two to three weeks. International students must pay the first semester's fees upon acceptance before receiving visa-supporting documents. Students can contact [email protected] for further assistance.
Are scholarships available for students at AIHM?
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Yes, scholarships are available for students at AIHM. We offer a range of scholarship opportunities to support deserving students in pursuing their academic and career goals in the hospitality industry.
What are the language requirements for AIHM?
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Students' English level B2 is required to get accepted to the program. A preparatory English course would be recommended if the student does not have sufficient English. After successfully completing the Preparatory English courses, students can get accepted into the program.
What kind of accommodation options are available for AIHM students?
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Students live in condominiums within walking distance of the university. Usually, students budget for an average monthly rental expenses of 200-400 USD.
When can I apply to AIHM? How long does the admission process take?
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Applications are open all year. Classes start at the end of April and the end of September. We advise you to apply at least 1 month prior to that. For local students, the entire process is expected to be completed within one to two weeks. International students who have submitted completed application files and provided receipts for all necessary documents should anticipate a processing time of approximately two to three weeks. Upon approval, a letter of acceptance will be sent via email. Subsequently, payment for the first semester is required before visa-supporting documents will be issued and sent to you. Visa is typically granted within 2 to 5 working days after documents are submitted to the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate.