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Arranging VISA is a part of your educational journey if you wish to study overseas and sometimes this process can be overwhelming, especially during a pandemic.
That is why we decided to create a one-stop VISA service to make this process easier for our students.

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Consultation on arrival
During pandemic
Before flight
Ad. service

Consultation on arrival during pandemic

We will tell you all about the process of coming to Thailand from your country.
As to how long it will take to prepare the documents, which hotel is better to choose for quarantine and what services to pay attention to, as well as what health insurance policy you would need to enter the Kingdom.

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During pandemic

We prepare documents for obtaining permission from the embassy to apply for a visa.

We look for the best flight tickets.

We buy the air tickets with a special cancellation & reschedule option and make a daily departure update

We select and book the best accommodation option for quarantine (ASQ)

We arrange confirmation from the hotel for quarantine, required by the consulate

We fill in the forms from the hotel for quarantine (consent to quarantine) registration at the hospital & sending the requested documents to the hotel

We arrange a suitable health insurance which meets the immigration requirments

As of July 1 2021, fully vaccinated international travelers can arrive without quarantine requirements to Phuket.

Educational Visa

  • We assist with preparing a complete package of documents for obtaining a student visa
  • We provide maximum support in communication with the consulate
  • We schedule a meeting with the consulate in your country

Before flight

  • We aid in registering you in the system to obtain an entry permit
  • Obtaining an entry permit
  • Schedule COVID-19 test at the clinic in the city of departure
  • Arranging an appointment at the hospital for the Fit to Fly certificate
  • Assist with translation of the result of the COVID test and the Fit to Fly certificate
  • We make an appointment with a notary to certify the received certificates
  • We prepare and check documents for the check-in counter at the airport
  • We re-check if the flight is cancelled or not


  • We organize a meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel for quarantine

Additional services (not included in “Visa Service” package)

We provide remote document submission, by arranging a courier to deliver your documents to the consulate.

We provide support in solving non-standard situations that appeared before working with us (changing or canceling an air ticket, re-obtaining an entry permit, incorrect hotel reservation for quarantine, etc.)

We provide assistance while being in quarantine (organization of sports equipment, additional food, assistance in communicating with the hospital if the coronavirus test shows a positive result, etc.)

If you wish to travel with your pet, we will help make it happen

Organization of travel to another city for submitting documents for a visa (hotel and air tickets booking, drawing up a road map, ordering a transfer, searching for a guide or escort)

We will postpone the trip and prepare new tickets and documents in case you are Covid-19 positive.