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Bangkok is the world leader with its start-up ecosystem and is ranked fourth in the world 

International Environment
Study in an international atmosphere and get to know people from all around the globe.
Business and Career Development
Studying in Bangkok opens up opportunities for future employment, especially developing and creating your own start-up project.
Cost of living
The average cost of living in Bangkok is 800-1500 USD per month
Education cost
Average cost of higher education in Thailand is approximately 19-20.000 USD for 4 years


Our Experience
  • We have graduated from universities in Thailand and we can share our first-hand experience with you.
Help with Admission Process
  • We outline the most efficient way to obtain a student visa.
  • We submit admissions applications and other necessary documents.
  • We coach individuals so they pass entrance exams.
  • We provide assistance with accommodation upon arrival.
  • We advise on education and student life in Bangkok, based on personal experience.
  • We will answer all your questions regarding the benefits and obstacles of life in Thailand.
Service of Our Partners
  • Online English Programs
  • Internships
  • Health Insurance
  • Networking
  • Employment
Free Consultation

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For applicants who are already in Thailand, we provide 50% off on our service
Name of service
  • General consultation
    We advise on student life issues including internship, self-development, culture, networking, employment and business prospects in Thailand.
    Determine the tuition budget and outline the average living costs.
  • Consultation on choosing a university
    We advise on the educational prospects of each university, as well as the benefits of employment and internship.
    We present a range of educational areas, starting from the budget and personal interests.
  • Assistance in organizing entrance exams
    We coordinate individual passing of entrance exams.
    We estimate the likelihood of receiving a scholarship.
  • Documents submission
    We outline the admission process and help in filling out the application forms.
    We submit documents and assess the likelihood of receiving a scholarship.
  • Visa consultation
    We advise on the preparation of a complete package of documents for obtaining student visa.
    We provide documents from the university to obtain visa.
  • Accommodation Search
    We offer condominium options before or upon arrival.
    We help with check-in.
  • Meeting on arrival
    Meeting at the airport and provide escort to the university.
    Arranging a university tour and assist with accommodation.
Additional services
TOEFL & IELTS preparation
English lessons with a native speaker.
25 lessons (30 min)
+ 200 usd
+ 200 usd
+ 200 usd
Additional services
TOEFL & IELTS preparation
English lessons with a native speaker.
25 lessons (30 min)
+ 200 usd
+ 200 usd
+ 200 usd
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Covering topics on life in Bangkok as a student.

Education in Thailand

Education in Thailand

Education in Thailand offers great many opportunities for personal grown and professional success, however not many people know about possibilities in studying in Thailand and what opportunities living here as an expat, this country can provide.

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For this reason, we have created Dreamstudy, to help young people from all around the world to make education in Thailand accessible.

Universities in Thailand offer a high-quality international education at reasonable tuition and accommodation costs. It has a warm international atmosphere with eastern exotics and cutting-edge technology in a number of fields.

Would you like to study in Bangkok or another city of this beautiful country? You can get a bachelor’s, master’s, or even doctorate degree in Thailand’s universities. The majority of undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs are globally recognized and meet international standards.

In general, education in Thailand is rather applicable than academic. As a result, the following are among the most popular fields of study:

  • Marketing;
  • International business;
  • Business administration

Despite the fact that there are many more options, this list has remained relevant for several years.


It should be emphasized that foreigners are not separated in any way at this country’s higher educational institutions. The only language used for teaching is English. Therefore, the first year is devoted to adaptation, studying the language and general disciplines. Profile education begins during the second year.

Thailand’s universities have a high degree of digital learning technology deployment, which is in line with worldwide educational standards. The majority of the learning resources are offered in electronic format, which significantly reduces educational expenses.

Although it will not be possible to study tuition-free in Thai universities, several of them do offer great scholarships.

DreamStudy is the official representative of Thailand’s most prestigious universities.

We provide the following services:

  • Consultation;
  • Preparation and translation of visa, admission, and housing documents;
  • Assistance with university admission;
  • Transportation from the airport;
  • An electronic service for the placement of Russian and CIS students in Thai universities.

We will advise you on where you should study in Thailand and where you should rent a room. We will discuss in detail your options for higher education and employment. We will inform you about universities, colleges, bachelor’s degrees, high schools, and how to acquire a higher education in Bangkok and other cities of Thailand.

You can find the tuition fees on our website. The prices differ. Select the university, then scroll down to the detailed description and the section where the price of a semester is listed.

Alternatively, go to the site menu and select “Apply Now.” One of our representatives will contact you once you  submit the contact us form.