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The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is an international English-speaking postgraduate institution, focusing on engineering, environment, and management studies.

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About AIT

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is an international English-speaking postgraduate institution, focusing on engineering, environment, and management studies. AIT’s rigorous academic, research, and experiential outreach programs prepare graduates for professional success and leadership roles in Asia and beyond. Founded in 1959, AIT offers the opportunity to study at an institution in Asia that possesses a global reputation. Going forward, AIT will be stressing its global connections, injection of innovation into research and teaching, its relevance to industry, and its nurturing of entrepreneurship, while continuing to fulfill its social impact and capacity building role. Sitting on a beautiful green campus located just north of Bangkok, Thailand, AIT operates as a multicultural community where a cosmopolitan approach to living and learning is the rule. You will meet and study with people from all around the world.

Today, AIT’s internationally recognized engineering, environment, and management graduates are highly sought after by employers in their home country and elsewhere. Across many walks of life in Asia, AIT alumni have distinguished themselves as CEO’s of private and state enterprises, as business owners, as well-respected researchers and faculty, and as senior university and government officials.

Knowledge with Virtue

Asian Institute of Technology has a creative learning environment and a wide range of international programs.

AIT Ranks # 14 in Asia by QS Global MBA Rankings

In the latest QS Global MBA Rankings 2021 AIT Master of Business Administration (MBA) program ranks #14 in Asia and #1 in Thailand.

AIT ranks #19 in the world for SDG1—No Poverty

AIT MBA program ranks #14 in Asia and #1 in Thailand, according to QS

AIT’s alumni are in top 2% scientists in their fields.

Eleven AIT faculty members appear in the top 2% list of scientists for research impact based on the most recent single year (2019) achievement.

AIT Wins 2016 Gold medal in Thai Research Fund Ratings

AIT was awarded the gold medal from the Thai Research Fund (TRF) for bagging the most perfect score among all universities in Thailand.

AIT Ranks #18 in the World in Return on Investment.

The QS rankings were based on five indicators: Entrepreneurship and Alumni Outcomes, Return on Investment, Thought Leadership, Employability, and Diversity.

Master’s Gergree Schools




  1. Agribusiness Management (ABM)
  2. Agriculture Systems and Engineering (ASE)
  3. Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management (AARM)
  4. Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology (FEBT)
  5. Food Innovation, Nutrition, and Health (FINH)
  1. Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD)
  2. Environmental Engineering and Management (EEM)
  4. Regenerative Sanitation (RS) (1-year Master Degree)

We are working with many universities and governmental organisations in research collaboration and outreach activities. Some of our research findings have already been translated into new government regulations, new engineering standards and practices and new engineering applications and tools.

And I believe our long term effort has created significant social and economic impact for communities in the region.

– Pennung Warnitchai

Faculty School of Engineering and Technology

We believe that our main role is to produce experts who are truly global citizens, who can think globally and act locally.

Our school of environment, resources and development takes an interdisciplinary approach to study, analyse and solve global and regional sustainable development challenges

such as social and gender inequalities, rights and sustainability, urbanisation and migration, food security, energy and environment, natural resources and climate change.

– Kyoko Kusakabe

Faculty – School of Environment, resources and development

The best management schools in the world are based on a strong industry involvement with leaders coming from around the world.

It’s also a place where a culture of innovation is encouraged, at our school of management that is the culture we are trying to encourage with regular interactions with organisations and business schools where teaching staff and faculty come from around the world. No idea is discarded and a multidisciplinary approach where collaboration with other schools is supported.

Roger Levermore

Dean – School of Management