Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

Asian Institute
of Technology (AIT)

About AIT

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is an international
English-speaking postgraduate institution, focusing on engineering,
environment, and management studies. AIT’s rigorous academic,
research, and experiential outreach programs prepare graduates
for professional success and leadership roles in Asia and beyond.
Founded in 1959, AIT offers the opportunity to study at an
institution in Asia that possesses a global reputation. Going forward,
AIT will be stressing its global connections, injection of innovation
into research and teaching, its relevance to industry, and its
nurturing of entrepreneurship, while continuing to fulfill its social
impact and capacity building role. Sitting on a beautiful green
campus located just north of Bangkok, Thailand, AIT operates as
a multicultural community where a cosmopolitan approach to
living and learning is the rule. You will meet and study with people
from all around the world.

Today, AIT’s internationally recognized engineering, environment,
and management graduates are highly sought after by employers
in their home country and elsewhere. Across many walks of life in
Asia, AIT alumni have distinguished themselves as CEO’s of private
and state enterprises, as business owners, as well-respected
researchers and faculty, and as senior university and government


Transforming AIT to be a respectable international graduate
institution whose research and education contribute to the
development of Asia, by making AIT more global, more innovative,
more entrepreneurial, and more economically relevant–while
leveraging on its social impact core strengths.


The mission of AIT in the context of the emerging environment is
“to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will
play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region
and its integration into the global economy”. Guided by the above clear, timeless vision and mission, the dedicated students, faculty and staff of AIT are set to steer the Institute along its path of becoming:

A trailblazer in advanced education in the region, with leadership in IT and new types of multidisciplinary programs

An exemplary institution, with an emphasis on academic quality in terms of courses and other aspects of operation

A hub for the implementation of regional and transnational research projects, and a research facility for academic professionals. A nexus for networking with other academic and research institutions in the region and the world

A model international citizen

A financially viable, self-sustaining institution, able to draw support from donors the private sector and individuals, with good governance and strong leadership

A strong partner to its alumni, who are principal stakeholders through the AIT Alumni Association (AITAA)

programs ranked
among global leaders,
tops in Thailand

According to Eduniversal Masters
Rankings 2018

Master in Natural Resources
17Energy and Natural
MBA in Energy Business29Energy and Natural
Master in Climate Change and Sustainable Development112Environmental Security
MBA in Energy Business112Industrial and
Operations Management
Professional Masters in Banking
and Finance
18Corporate Finance
Executive Master of Business
Administration (EMBA)
222 Excutive MBA
Master of Agibusiness
126Agribusiness/ Food
industry Management

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