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Bangkok University provides a creative learning environment and a wide range of international programs. With our hands-on and practical curricula, you will be equipped with an international mindset and professional skills for the globalized job market.

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BU International - Bachelor Degrees

Innovative Media

The goal of this program is to create media and content producers with a focus on multi-platform media production that includes both traditional and New Media. Students will be encouraged to become future media entrepreneurs through this program.

Through a unique perspective to what the media of the future should look like, students’ creativity and versatility are transformed. Provides students with a creative portfolio by combining theory with hands-on experiences.

Tuition fee for the academic year 2022

First term 54,830 THB
Total Fees 525,730 THB
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Culinary Arts and Design

To provide exceptional gastronomic experiences, improve your creative and culinary abilities.

Create your own master chef dishes by combining artistic creativity and expert cooking skills.

In our advanced cooking facilities, you can learn directly from highly qualified chefs. Intern at some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Learn and practice new and innovative cooking techniques that you will not be able to try at home.

Tuition fee for the academic year 2022

First term 68,830 THB
Total Fees 525,530 THB
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BU International - Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor Degrees

Obtain the language, business, and intercultural skills to succeed anywhere in the world. Develop the English and intercultural abilities required within the worldwide business environment. Master the business basics to maximize your entrepreneurial potential and get advantage from the openings to practice with real trade studies.

Career Opportunities:

  • Country Manager
  • International Relations Director
  • Human Resources Professional
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Translator and Interpreter
  • Television Anchor or Presenter and Boardcaster
  • Bilingual Analyst
  • Writer and Editor
  • Language Trainer or Learning Facilitator

Bachelor of Communication Arts in Communication Strategy and Ideation is a program that emphasises strategic communication and design thinking. This program combines academic knowledge with hands-on practical projects and campaigns, with industry professionals, famous and respected guest speakers teaching, and coaching students. Students will be provided with up-to-date content and knowledge on strategic communication, including digital media planning, UX and UI Designs, digital content creation, marketing communication for e-sport, marketing communication for health and beauty brands, and so forth, in order to meet the new challenges and demands in the fast-changing world of communication. Upon successful completion, graduates will have the knowledge and skills to effectively build a career in the industry, utilising the expertise they obtained during their studies at Bangkok University International.

Job Opportunities:

  • Strategic Communication Planner
  • Public Relations and Campaign Manager
  • Communication Specialists
  • Media Planner and  Event Coordinator
  • Brand Strategy Consultant
  • Journalist and News Editor

This course was cultivated to provide students with the knowledge and skillset to create exceptional gastronomic experiences, improve their creativity and perfect their culinary abilities. Students will have the opportunity to utilise state of the art equipment, to create their own master chef dishes, using their artistic creativity and expert cooking skills. Bangkok University provides advanced cooking facilities, which students will be able to use, with the help and guidance of highly experienced and qualified chefs. Part of this curriculum includes an internship, which will allow students to obtain hands-on experience in some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Upon completion of this program, students will be expertly trained professionals, with the knowledge and ability to work in the culinary industry worldwide.

Job opportunities:
Head Chef
Sous Chef
Restaurant owner
Restaurant Manager

The BA in Digital Media and Design gives the imaginative and technical skills for students to work inside the developing needs for digital media and design industry. Instructed by professionals each semester, students will learn the foremost progressed computerized applications and create the individual and professional skillset required to succeed as digital media designers.

After graduation, students will be prepared to work as graphic designers, 3d animators/modelers, visual effects designers, motion graphics designer, interactive media designers, photographer, video producers, etc.

The program creates progressed skills and specialized competency in drawing, graphic design, illustrations, color and computer applications. Students will get the expertise within the field of plan media arts using the most recent innovations, tools and computer program s within the most advanced computer lab.

  • Job Opportunities:
  • Web Designer
  • Social Media Coordinator or Designer
  • Marketing Professional
  • Animation Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Media Designer

If you are interested in the marvellous and exciting world of business ownership and entrepreneurship, this is the ideal major for you. Students will have the opportunity to learn from a curriculum developed in collaboration with Babson College (USA), the world’s leading entrepreneurship school, to learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur in today’s fast paced world. BUI encourages students to utilise their creative and critical thinking skills to create a successful career in business ownership. BUI puts an emphasis on risk management training, which allows students to be prepared for the ever-changing global marketplace. From learning from dedicated and experienced professors, to hands-on entrepreneurial activities, this major was created to build young entrepreneurs.

Job Opportunities:

  • Business Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Family-business Successor
  • Business Executive
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence

The goal of this program is to train media and content creators, with a focus on multi-platform media production that includes both traditional and new media. Students will be encouraged to become future media entrepreneurs through this program and receive the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in future career ventures. Through a unique perspective to what the media and media production of the future entails, students’ creativity and versatility are transformed. This major provides students with a creative portfolio by combining theory learned in class with hands-on experiences, for the ultimate goal of becoming a successful young professional.

Job opportunities:
Content creator
Social media marketing manager
Video editor
Marketing director

With this major, students will obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully work in the field of tourism. If you are interested in starting your own travel agency, working for a well known hotel chain, running a Michelin Star restaurant, this major is for you. Students will graduate from the ITM major with managerial skills, broad understanding of the tourism industry, strong knowledge of eTourism and MICE industries and an overall entrepreneurial spirit and drive. Utilising both in class learning, as well as hands on experience through internships, graduates will have both the theoretical and practical skills to excel in the industry. This course focuses on every aspect of tourism. This includes MICE, Health and Wellness, Airline business, Hotel management and more. With a faculty of industry professionals, dedicated to providing the best quality education, this major is crafted to perfection.

Job opportunities:

  • Hotel manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Air hostess
  • Tour Agent
  • MICE manager

Learn the secrets of marketing from our international professors and put your skills to the test in real-world projects.This major provides students with the opportunity to develop all the necessary skills to be a top level marketer, by establishing a strong foundation for any company, and learning to develop global marketing strategies based on genuine customer insights. Students get to enjoy learning through a dynamic environment with mentors – international industry professionals dedicated to educating students on the ins and outs of marketing and how to cultivate a successful career within the industry. In this major, students will learn through both in class theory, as well as simulated real-life scenarios. All of the courses in this major are created to help students comprehend the influence of business proposals and marketing decision-making, as well as help students develop negotiation skills. Graduates will be able to use the knowledge obtained through this course to work in marketing-related businesses of any type and size. Furthermore, students will grasp the fundamentals of suitability principles and will be able to apply what they have learned to future work, particularly in the digital era.

Job opportunities:

  • Marketing manager
  • Product Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketer
  • Sales Executives
  • Advertising Manager


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