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University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce - Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business Management (IBM)

The Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business Management provides students with:

  • In-depth knowledge and skills in business administration, with emphasis on the chosen major elective courses;
  • A capability to think and analyze problems;
  • An ability to use practical business concepts effectively in an international business environment.

In additions, the BBA seeks to fill the ever-growing demand for skilled and trained international business professionals and be a valuable bridge to graduate study.

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Bachelor of Arts in Business English

School of Humanities of UTCC offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business English (4-year degree program) for all Thai and International students.
UTCC aims to produce graduates in Business English with excellent English communication skills and a firm background in business and technology to serve the needs of the nation and the world.
University provides graduates with strong analytical, strategic, operational, and international business knowledge and skills in an intercultural and entrepreneurial environment.
At UTCC students get training to meet the needs of globalized business communication and thinking skills essential for effective business operations, with high moral virtue and ethical standards ready to take on social responsibilities.

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University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce - Bachelor Degrees
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce - Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Accountancy

School of Accountancy at UTCC offers the Bachelor of Accountancy (4 years) degree program. All courses offered in the Bachelor of Accountancy (B.Acc) program are taught in English by our internationally accredited faculty. The Bachelor of Accountancy program serves to effectively equip our students with the essential accounting and auditing knowledge required to enter into their chosen profession.

Our close relationship with the Thai Chamber of Commerce gives us the privilege of guaranteeing suitable internship placements to students. It is through these internship experiences that students will learn how to apply their classroom theory to real-world business situations.

As a result, students in this program become much more experienced and well-prepared for entrance into businesses on an international level, especially in such a competitive and constantly changing environment.

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